Adam Edwards, Candidate for Hatfield Central

Adam Edwards

Candidate for Hatfield Central and Hatfield North

My name is Adam Edwards. I've lived in Birchwood since 1989. My kids have benefited hugely from the local schools, the Mid-Herts Music Centre and from the QE2 hospital, where they were both born. This is my community and I want the very best for our area for me, my family and all my neighbours.

Hatfield needs strong voices to stand up for everyone who lives here. Strong voices to fight even harder for what is a special place.  That's why I'm standing in the Council election. If elected I would hold both Labour and Conservative parties to account whilst working hard to get the best for the people I represent.

I have been campaigning for the past twelve years to see upgraded paths and pavements, benefiting the elderly, parents with pushchairs, people in disabled buggies and those who cycle. But there is more to do:  My daughter could cycle safely to school in Welwyn Garden City. But there's no safe cycle route from Birchwood to the schools in Hatfield! If we are to combat obesity and pollution, we need more people walking and cycling, leaving the roads less congested for those who have to use a car or van. To this end I've also been a member of WelHatCycling since the group was founded and I am currently the Chair. We chase up on faults and problems and I've led the group clearing litter from the Alban Way in Hatfield.

My greatest strength may well be my normality. I am a Dad before anything else. I hate injustice and unfairness and I am tenacious in tackling problems. I will always listen to you, try to understand your problems and work alongside you to try to resolve them. I hope I can count on your support.


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