Borough Manifesto 2021


Our Liberal Democrat group commits to:

Planning issues:

  • Make sure the proposals for Broadwater Rd are subject to the closest scrutiny against the council’s own Supplementary Planning Document, and its existing policies on homes to be built for social renting. Also ensure views of the listed buildings on the site are retained.
  • Stop the planners coming to unscrutinised agreements with developers and open up the process to scrutiny by public and councillors.
  • Stop the sprawl of WGC and balance development across the Borough
  • Ensure new home build proposals do deliver the social homes that the policies demand
  • Look to redevelop empty and almost-empty garage blocks for council homes (Lib Dem motion defeated by Labour and Conservatives)
  • Reform the planning department to accelerate decision making and make enforcement more effective.


Climate Emergency:

  • Work quicker and smarter towards dealing with the Climate Emergency (a Lib Dem motion set this up)
  • Go through the Local Plan inserting and tightening up policies to help fight Climate Change (a Lib Dem motion defeated by Labour and the Conservatives).
  • Extend recycling to flats (a successful Lib Dem motion). Improve the borough’s recycling performance from one of the worst in Herts to be one of the best – 4 of the 5 best recycling districts across the UK are Lib Dem run.


Council homes:

  • Improve the maintenance of council homes (another successful Lib Dem motion) – much is good, but we hear far too many horror stories. Dealing with ongoing damp and condensation should be a priority.


Youth activities and ASB:

  • More activities for our youth – no wonder some fall into bad company if there is nothing to do (a successful LibDem budget amendment).
  • Get play areas that suit the older child or adolescent, not just the toddler. More skate parks would be a good start.


Town centre revival:

  • Implement ideas to help revive our town centres – learn from ideas that have worked elsewhere (Lib Dem motion). Get the planners to make decisions quicker so traders who want to come here don’t get frustrated at the delay and go elsewhere.
  • Work towards a coherent Sports strategy and a swimming pool for WGC in the longer term.


County Council Collaboration:

  • Start working much more closely with the county council instead of fighting or ignoring it. The county council has far more money and influence which we could benefit from.


Other Aims:

  • Keep a closer eye on the council’s contractors and ensure work is carried out correctly and efficiently.
  • Co-operate with members of the public who want to help the borough or bring money in – there are too many examples of hostility to possible benefactors.
  • Speed up parking control measures – too many areas are swamped by lack of parking provision (successful Lib Dem budget amendment)


Help us take action by voting Lib Dem on May 6th!

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