Bus cuts letter

Dear Sir

Anyone who thought the round of bus cuts brought about by yet another cut in financial support by the county council in February was now complete has had a rude awaking. Users in Codicote are up in arms about cuts there, and now the 366 from Hatfield and WGC to Luton is being abandoned on Saturdays, apart from a start of day and end of day journey.

Despite the county council constantly saying cross-county routes need to be improved, they are allowing this cross-county route to wither and die. Never mind that Luton is bigger than any town in Herts, nor that it has a major airport, nor that it has a well-supported football team drawing thousands, it is not important enough for a service from mid-Herts.

The official response from the county is that anyone wanting to get to Luton can change in Hitchin (via the once every 2 hours service) or via St Albans. What great idea - not.

Yours sincerely

Malcolm Cowan

County and borough councillor

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