Bus cuts to be even deeper

Despite over 12,000 signatures on petitions against the cuts to supporting bus services.

Despite the overwhelming response to the county councils own consultation - only 30 people supported the cuts out of 4,500 responding.

Despite almost every local council in Hertfordshire saying they were concerned.

Despite the NHS chiefs saying it was a stab in the back, and would make many of their plans unworkable.

Despite the fact the savings the Tories wanted had already been found.

Despite all this, ruling Tories decided at last week's Highways and Waste panel meeting that the cuts proposed were not deep enough.

So after Xmas there will be a new consultation, aimed at saving a further £1.5 million. If this goes ahead, support for busses in Herts will have gone down 66% in 6 years!

A few concessions were offered - Sunday buses that serve hospitals will be protected until 7.30pm - though still well before the end of visiting times - and the weekday curfew going back an hour, but against that many daytime buses are now under threat, including the 388 and 315 services that bring villagers into and home from WGC.

Malcolm Cowan, LibDem county councillor for Handside and Peartree said "Liberal Democrats will be leading the fight against, as we did this time. We hope the public will support us again, and make it clear we expect a bus service worthy of the name."

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