Call for action at dangerous tip

LibDem county councillor Malcolm Cowan has called for immediate action over the queues on the high-speed A414 as people wait to get into the Cole Green waste and recycling centre.

Cole Green Dangerous Queues

"When Herts County Council decided to close all the tips 2 days per week, we specifically asked for Cole Green to be exempted because we could see the dangerous queuing on the A414, which I understand has already claimed one life, would get worse. What we got was a promise to reduce the queuing. Instead it had got worse - not just on weekends, but any day the tip is open."

"I have received many complaints about near misses as vehicles doing 60 or 70 mph suddenly see queuing in front of them and have to swerve. Local people should not have to risk a bad shunt or worse just to visit their recycling centre.

"It is high time the Tory-run county council took off their rose-tinted sunglasses and acknowledge the danger they are putting people in and took action, such as building a slip lane on the way into the tip, or go back to 7 day a week opening" he added.

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