Save the Pentley Oak


Acting with undue haste and without consultation or adequate notice, Hertfordshire County Council has deemed this healthy tree a “nuisance” and scheduled it to be felled on 29 April. The decision appears to have been dictated by the County’s insurance provider following claims for root damage to a nearby home, even though repairs and preventive measures do not require the removal of the tree.  Measuring 3.7 meters around, the tree is estimated to be approximately 200 years old and is one of a number of large old oaks that give the Sherrards neighbourhood, a conservation area, its distinctive character.

Join our campaign to save this venerable tree and ensure that no healthy tree is removed without full scrutiny.



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Friendship Matters

Jaida2.pngIn October 2018, Councillor Jaida Caliskan set up a new "Friendship Group" in Welham Green after she noticed that there were many people living in the area who were becoming increasingly isolated and who had little interaction with others in their community. This initiative has been hugely successful and has gone from strength-to-strength, with anything up to 60 people attending.

It is clear, though, that issues of isolation are not unique to Welham Green, so we're keen to build on Jaida's fantastic start and grow this initiative across the borough.

If you would be interested in attending or helping us to set up a Friendship Group in your area, please click the Count me in! button below and answer a few simple questions to help us gauge the interest.


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Slow Down on Black Fan!

Black-Fan-Rd-40mph-sml.pngAt the moment, the speed limit along the whole of Black Fan Road from Cole Green Lane to Mundells is 40mph.  But many pedestrians use and cross the stretch between the Sylvan Way roundabout and the Herns Lane double roundabout and feel the speeds are too high.

There will soon be two pedestrian crossings and three roundabouts on this stretch of road, so a speed of 30mph would seem more appropriate and would help keep pedestrians safe. Let us know what you think by taking our survey.


Should the Speed Limit be Reduced?



Paving the Way

Make Our Pavements Safe & Accessible

By Dr Barbara Gibson, Parliamentary Candidate for Welwyn Hatfield and County Councillor for Haldens Division


Although maintaining pavements and footways is the responsibility of the County Council, years of neglect and underfunding by the Conservative-controlled Council has resulted in footways that are particularly unsafe for residents with mobility or vision problems. 

The Council’s annual Highways works plan rarely includes any resurfacing of pavements at all, so most work that is done for pedestrians must come out of the very small Highways Locality Budgets administered by each County Councillor. The problem is that it’s nowhere near enough to ever catch up with the miles and miles of buckled, pitted, unsafe pavement.

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