174% rise in homeless children in East of England a ‘shocking indictment’

Child homelessness is a shocking indictment on modern society

The 174% increase in homeless children in the East of England is a ‘shocking indictment’ on modern society.

A report released by Shelter reveals that 135,000 children will be homeless and living in temporary accommodation on Christmas Day in Britain, affecting one in 107 children.

Shelter also highlighted the impact of temporary accommodation such as emergency B&Bs and hostels on families, where the facilities were often sub-standard and lacked privacy and security for families.

In the East of England, there were 8,400 children living in temporary accommodation as of 31 March 2019 out of a total child population for the region of 1,404,273. This equates to one in every 167 children living in temporary accommodation.

In 2018/19 a total of 3,340 households with dependent children became homeless in 2018/19; with around 157 children becoming homeless in that same period.

In the first quarter of 2014, there were 3,063 children living in temporary accommodation, equating to a 174% increase. A total of 710 families with children are now in emergency accommodation, such as B&Bs or hostels, equating to a 59% increase.

Paul Zukowskyj, our parliamentary candidate, said: “These figures are a shocking indictment on our modern society where wealthy communities can live cheek by jowl with such poverty. I am both greatly saddened and angered that for far too many of our children, homelessness is a reality due to the chronic shortages in social housing.

“We know all too well the impact living in temporary accommodation can have on both mental and physical well-being with just day to day living becoming a real struggle. That is why the Liberal Democrats are committed to building 100,000 new social homes. We need to end this inequality and cycle of poverty now.”


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