Chris Corbey-West, Candidate for Hollybush

Chris Corbey-West

Candidate for Welwyn Garden City South

I was born in QE2 hospital and have lived in Welwyn Garden City all my life. I have lived in the Woodhall, Hollybush, Commonswood and Haldens areas of Welwyn Garden City and I now live in the Peartree area. I also have family living in the Haldens and Panshanger areas of Welwyn Garden City. Both my children attend Sir Frederic Osborn School.

Both my children attended Peartree primary school, where for about the last two years I have been a Governor. I have worked closely with the school to help it gain a good rating from its latest Ofsted inspection. This is also whilst ensuring that the school is an inclusive school accepting children from very diverse backgrounds.

Having come from a working class background I have had to work hard to achieve and I have become a CIMA qualified accountant. I have held various roles in this field, working my way up from the bottom and I am now a finance manager for a firm based in Harlow. I have gained valuable experience not only in finance but also being pivotal in make key commercial decisions to grow and develop the companies I have been employed at. I have worked in various sectors including construction, social care, manufacturing, distribution, travel and service industries.

I became a governor at Peartree Primary school because I felt my knowledge and experience could help the school become a better school and to better serve the community. This is also why I have joined the Liberal Democrats as we are the party that best serves the community and deals with the local issues affecting local residents, giving them a voice in local politics. I would look to fight for better integration of health and social care as well as more money for our schools to address the lack of funding which is likely to lead to a crisis in our health and social care and schools.


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