Chris White Plans to Tackle Crimes Against Women

Chris White PCC Banner

Older Women Feel Unsafe Walking Alone

The Office of National Statistics Crime Survey for England and Wales from March 2015 suggests that more than one in five women in the oldest age category (75+) said they felt very unsafe walking alone in the dark.

Younger Women have faced harassment

A YouGov survey of 1,650 British adults reported that as high as 85% of women under 25 had been harassed sexually in public spaces.

Chris White, candidate for Hertfordshire Police Commissioner said "Nearly every woman I have spoken to has been harassed at some point in her life. More police resources should be found to deal with this kind of objectionable crime against half our population. If I am elected commissioner I will prioritise preventing crimes against women."

He added "Crimes against women are often underreported to the Police; I will look at ways to make it easier and safer for women to report such crimes."

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