Cole Green Queue Danger Petition

LibDem councillor Malcolm Cowan, carrying on his efforts to try to get the county council to do something about the dangerous queuing outside the waste site, has set up a petition to demanding Herts County Council take action. The petition is at and calls on HCC to either add a queuing lane or reopen the site 7 days a week, or both. "Everyone concerned about these dangerous conditions needs to come together and add their name" he said.

Additionally Malcolm is demanding HCC send someone to see the queuing first hand. "They were happy to claim they would do something when they reduced all sites to 5 days a week, but I cannot see any difference except now there are much longer queues almost every day, instead of mostly just at weekends. They have abandoned us to a potentially lethal accident. It is almost as if they are waiting for an accident before they take the action needed" he said.

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