Cole Green waste site may be closed

After LibDem county and borough councillor Malcolm Cowan started campaigning for improvements to the appalling danger of queuing on the A414 while waiting to enter the Cole Green waste site, the executive councillor at the county council wrote to the Welwyn and Hatfield Times recently, rejecting his call for either a waiting lane or reopening 7 days a week. His preference, he told us, was to get another site. Fine, but when Malcolm checked with a very senior officer at the county council, he was told there was no plan to get a new site. The actual response was "I'm afraid no alternative to Cole Green on the cards. We have been looking, as you know, for years and continue to search but nothing has come along that is suitable or realistic."

Malcolm pressed the point at last week's council meeting and was told - wait for it - if there was an accident, they would close the site.

"I was shocked. So where on earth are we supposed to go? So we wait for someone to be hurt or killed before we do anything? And most sites have capacity problems. They agreed replacing the Cole Green site was a priority around 10 years ago, but nothing has happened.

"Is there any joined up thinking by the ruling Conservatives? Just like when they tell us to walk, cycle or use the bus, then cut the buses, turn off the street lights at night and fail to maintain the footpaths and roads surfaces."

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