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Community Chest Funding

The Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council decided not to re - introduce the community chest funding, a scheme which has supported in the past many fantastic projects across the Borough.

In the past, each ward in the Borough has received £2,000 to support local community projects. The scheme overall cost was less than £40,000.

Michal Siewniak, local Liberal Democrat councillor said: "This funding is all about being well connected with the local community, delivering sustainable outcomes to your residents and empowering groups and individuals in your area. As a result of this funding, we have delivered (and in some cases still delivering) number of project which include: Peartree Health and Sports Day, cooking project with the local primary schools, Peartree Fun Day as well as ESOL classes for local migrants."

Councillor Siewniak added: "The overall cost of the scheme is less than £40,000 and in my view, even when we consider cutbacks and financial pressures, that is not a lot of money. I know that even the smallest funding can make a massive difference. Very often, local community based project need very little to make a REAL DIFFERENCE and I am very disappointed that the scheme is not being re - introduced. It is also probably worth mentioning that the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is spending £725.000 to renew the Council Chamber with a revenue cost of £35.000 a year, which could be used to support local community initiatives."

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