Concrete crusher coming soon to South Hatfield

Demolition at High View

Cllr Paul Zukowskyj has discovered the council has approved their own contractors, Lovells, siting a concrete crushing plant at High View, in south Hatfield, for the next three months.

Cllr Zukowskyj was not sent the 'update' newsletter that contained the discovery, apparently because officers didn't think he needed to know.

The plant, crushing material from the demolition of the High View site, is described as a 'muncher' and is being put in to reduce the concrete pads and other materials to lumps less than 2" across.

Concrete crushing plants are notoriously noisy and dusty, but WHBC appear to have approved the plan and suggest the noise and dust will be 'acceptable'.

Cllr Paul Zukowskyj commented "WHBC are, on the one hand, saying 'stay home where you can, work at home if possible' and on the other are siting a potentially noisy concrete crushing facility within a few metres of people's homes for the next three months. Apparently residents of South Hatfield can work effectively at home with concrete crushing happening next door.

"We had all expected some noise and disturbance, but this facility could well be a cruel joke. Why can't the material be taken to a permanent, dedicated, facility such as that on the A414? If WHBC had any regard for the residents of our area this plan would have been refused, or at least some reassurance given to residents about the potential impacts of this plan.

"Siting this sort of plant next to residents homes, with zero effort to reassure residents their concerns would be unfounded, demonstrates the low regard WHBC has for South Hatfield residents. It's just not acceptable."

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