Council "Clean-up" makes things worse

Litter on verge 1A clean-up of the verge while a road was closed for resurfacing has left a disastrous trail of rubbish that is probably worse than before it started, says LibDem councillor Malcolm Cowan, who was contacted by an angry local resident who says he phoned both borough and county councils to get them to remove the litter.

Instead, he says they strimmed the grass and weeds without picking up litter first, resulting in much of the litter being shredded into pieces.

Litter on verge 2The incident, in Hollybush Lane WGC, closed while Ascots lane was being patched, has left both the resident, who does not wish to be named, and the councillor fuming over the mess.

'If this is the result after a joint operation between the councils, when they had 5 days to do the work, it is horrifying' says Malcolm. 'Much of the litter has obviously been there for ages, seeing how it is rusty cans.'


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