Councillor blasts lack of help over manorial rights issue

Liberal Democrat councillor Malcolm Cowan has criticised the lack of information and reassurance over the issue of manorial rights in WGC.

"Clearly people were shocked to get a letter telling them the Gascoigne Cecil Estate held rights over their property. Everyone going round saying nothing has changed and there is nothing to worry about is not enough.

"When I contacted the council, they said it was nothing to do with them, but in many cases (if they are leaseholders or tenants), it is the council's land, or for freeholders, it is the council they bought the land from. So the council is involved and there is a strong moral case for the council being proactive in helping people through what is clearly a complex set of paperwork.

"In fact, I contacted GCE's solicitors who told me that, regardless of manorial rights, they have no right to enter the land if the landowner does not want them to, and the council have agreed with this. I hope this information will help put residents' minds at rest."

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