Councillor steps in to address Parking Neglect


Paul Zukowskyj, County Councillor for Hatfield South, has had to step in to deliver urgent parking upgrades after years of neglect by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (WHBC).

Paul has ‘signed off’ on spending just over £40,000 from his County Council Highways Locality Budget to deliver an additional 31 parking spaces across southern Hatfield. Despite a number of requests over the past few years, WHBC Parking Services had refused to add the area to the parking works programme until ‘capacity was available’.

Each space that he has agreed will cost the public purse just over £1300, compared to a cost of £2509 per space for the council’s current programme in the Aldykes area.

Paul says: “Parking pressure in this area of the borough is higher than I’ve seen anywhere else. Road after road is jammed packed full of badly parked cars, blocking pavements, junctions, cycle routes, even sightlines on pedestrian crossings. Yet WHBC Parking Services simply refuse to add it to their work programme.

“The situation has become ridiculous, road and pedestrian safety were being regularly compromised, something had to be done and WHBC were simply not interested. I asked County officers to come up with a scheme, and for less than half the cost the Borough Council would likely have charged, they’ve designed an additional 31 spaces and additional protections for verges that will happen as soon as the works can be programmed.

“Yet again, our Tory Borough council is failing the residents of Southern Hatfield. I will continue to fight to ensure you get the services and amenities you deserve and to hold the council to account on delivery and value for money.”

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