Disgraceful Labour Scaremongering say Lib Dems

Statements made by Labour councillors at the council meeting on 22nd January during the debate on Flexible Tenancies for Council Tenants were branded as disgraceful by Lib Dem Group Leader, Tony Skottowe. "The clear impression given by all the speakers from Labour was that all council tenants faced eviction at the end of 5 years as a result of these changes", said Cllr Skottowe. "At no time did anyone from Labour say that the new Flexible Tenancies will only apply to NEW tenancies. To make these sorts of comments could cause huge distress and concern to many elderly and vulnerable residents - just the sort of people Labour claim to be concerned about. What is needed is for this policy to be handled with sensitivity and compassion and we will hold the administration to account if this is not done", he concluded.

When accused of scaremongering by Tony Skottowe the Labour group protested that they had not but still refused to clarify their comments by accepting the changes only apply to new tenancies. "I can only assume that this was a crude attempt to make political capital out of the situation", said Cllr Skottowe, "whatever it was it has clearly failed dismally."

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