"Flooding - we will ignore it"

Malcolm Cowan, LibDem county councillor for Handside and Peartree is highlighting the highways contractor Ringway's seeming indifference to faults, including reports of flooding - but claiming to have fixed them.

"On 14 February, I reported the flooding in the country part of Brockswood Lane, by the golf course. There is a dip and nowhere for the water to go. I told them they needed to cut a small channel, known as a 'grip', through the earth bank to let the water away - a few minutes work."

Brockswood Lane Flood Before Brockswood Lane Flood After

"I was astonished to receive back a reply on 17 February stating 'Any repairs required have now been carried out. No further action is planned at the present time', astonished because I knew nothing had been done, as the photos show - before and after are the same.

"I have taken this up with Ringway and the county council; although they acknowledge nothing was done, they merely say the wrong message was sent. What about actually fixing the problem?

"Unfortunately the same story applies across a range of problems - potholes, and even removing a dangerous piece of fence on the verge opposite Stanborough school in Lemsford Lane. It would have been 30 seconds work, but again, no action, just a claim they had. I am left wondering if they are claiming payment for this non-action.

"Thankfully, my badgering seems to have paid off - I am told Ringway will now cut the 'grip' this week."

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