Floods ignored by county council highways

Handside lane floodThe county council's treatment of flooding has been lashed by LibDem county councillor Malcolm Cowan.

Just before the New Year, I reported floods in Peartree Lane and Handside Lane. In each case, they refused to carry out any work - the reply came back 'This site has been inspected and we do not consider any action is required'.

Readers will see the extent of the flood in Handside Lane from the photo. Just how bad does it have to be for the drains to be cleared?

What is even worse is the council now attends to flooding on a rotational basis, going round the county in turn, and this is supposed to be the period when Welwyn Hatfield is a priority. If they don't do it now, we may have to wait another 18 months, yet both sites have been a problem for years.

There are hundreds of blocked drains across Welwyn Hatfield, let alone all of Herts. It is high time this issue was dealt with properly.

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