Government has given up on food standards


Recent votes in the House of Commons have undermined earlier promises on food and animal welfare standards. “This has been sneaked though while everyone is focussed on Covid” says Paul Zukowskyj, County Cllr for Hatfield South.

“Chlorine-treated chicken and hormone-injected beef are likely coming our way. Why? Because that is what they do in the US and this government is desperate to do a deal with a Trump-led US, even if it means these lower standards.

“Worse still, the US is insisting that labels showing where food comes from are abolished – you just won’t know, you won’t be able to choose. This government has simply given up on protecting food safety and animal welfare.”

The Observer reports that half of the cabinet raised questions in writing over the policy, but Grant Shapps was not one of them.

Please sign the petition against this, on the National Farmers Union website, which is fully supported by Jamie Oliver.


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