HCC's objections to WHBC's Local Plan "still stands"

Despite 'discussions' between the Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council, HCC have stated their objections to Hat1 and Hat2, between them intended for almost 2,500 homes in the green belt, will still stand.

As Minerals Planning Authority, HCC can seriously undermine the Local Plan and an objection, sustained up to the Examination by a Planning Inspector, is likely to result in removal of the sites, if not scrapping of the plan altogether.

Paul commented "HCC's response shows that WHBC's local plan is holed below the waterline. Their plan to build +5000 homes in the green belt simply isn't deliverable when 2450 are supposed to be built on land that might not be available due to mineral extraction until 2048. I'm looking forward to raising this issue with the planning inspector where I'll be using HCC's objecion, amongst other issues, to demonstrate WHBC's plan is unsound and should be thrown out."

"WHBC need to try again, their current approach is sinking fast"

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