Helen Harrington, Candidate for Welwyn East

Helen Harrington

Candidate for Welwyn East

Liberal Democrats want a Council that puts residents first. We will work with Councillors of all parties, in the best interests of our communities, whilst ensuring sound financial decision-making. We also want to see better, more joined-up working with the County Council and other authorities. Liberal Democrat priorities for our area include:

  • Reversing the decline in recycling rates
  • Improving parking with a joined-up approach that includes enforcement and creating more parking spaces for residents, while maintaining the green feel of Welwyn Garden City
  • A local plan that reflects local priorities, not those of the national Government or developers. We will fight tooth and nail to preserve our Green Belt and provide sorely needed affordable homes.
  • Developing new facilities for youth to help tackle anti-social and criminal behaviour, not only through partnering with the police, but with a prevention approach that puts more resource into youth programmes.

These are initiatives that have been blocked at every turn because one party has had control for too long. I believe that local government should be about meeting the needs of the community, not about tribal politics. We should be working cross-party, having debates in full view of the public, operating with greater transparency. Certainly the Borough Council is not the place for ideological extremes, but for cooperation to get things done. This is our chance to change our area for the better. If you agree with me and want to see me elected so I can see these ambitions through, please give me your vote. I will not let you down.

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