Herts residents left in the dark by Tories

"We have been led up the garden path" was the LibDem reaction to news that no changes are to be made to the unpopular Part Night Lighting regime of plunging most of the county into darkness around midnight, following a so-called review.

"A promise of a review was widely used by Conservatives in May's county council elections, but it has turned out to be a whitewash as all suggested changes were rejected by highways portfolio holder Cllr Terry Douris", said Liberal Democrat group leader Stephen Giles-Medhurst.

"We suggested a way of getting some lights back on without it costing the county a penny, but even this was turned down. Clearly we were all conned and the process has turned out to be a charade.

"Not one of the suggested changes that allows for local flexibility have been accepted by the Conservative hierarchy. That is a disgrace", said Stephen Giles-Medhurst.

Liberal Democrat Vice-Chair of the scrutiny committee Malcolm Cowan, said: "This scrutiny cost time and money, all wasted as clearly minds were already made up, as we can see from the way the decision was worded. This also shows that the commitment to localism by the Tories is skin-deep."

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