"Incapacitated" Service

Letter to Welwyn Hatfield Times


Dear Sir,

Your feature last week on the new Moorgate trains repeated the boast from Govia that they have ‘27% more capacity’. However that is only achieved by having fewer seats and more space for enforced standing.

100 fewer seats than the old trains they are replacing. Is that progress? Is that what someone travelling on a train for up to 45 minutes wants? And still no loos on them.

Class_700.jpgAnother train specified by the government rather than the train operator, like the uncomfortable outer-suburban class 700s.

Meanwhile we struggle on with just half the off-peak trains scheduled to run. How much longer will this continue? Every week I get a report from Govia telling me what a great job they are doing and that they are running more trains then before the May debacle – well not here in Welwyn Hatfield, we have less.

And now we face ever-higher fares for this appalling service. Rail minister Jo Johnson, taking instructions from his boss Failing Grayling, says we don’t deserve even a one-year freeze. Beyond belief.

Malcolm Cowan
Liberal Democrat Councillor

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