Is Brexit Britain ‘up for sale’?

Is Britain For Sale?

The release of a document laying out the details of talks involving UK and US officials regarding a post-Brexit trade deal with the NHS on the table has left voters demanding answers to the question ‘is Brexit Britain up for sale?’

Despite repeated denials from Boris Johnson that the NHS is not up for sale, the leaked dossier appears to give the lie to this, with US trade reps saying a no-deal leaves 'all to play for' .

The claims and counter claims about the NHS in this election can be traced all the way back to Boris Johnson’s big red Brexit bus and the now widely discredited claim that leaving the EU would give the NHS £350,000,000 a week.

Despite attempts to debunk the myth, polling - carried out by Ipsos MORI - found that Conservative voters and pro-Brexit voters were the most susceptible to the £350m line. It found that 54% of Tory voters and 61% of Leave voters believed the claim compared with 33% of Labour voters and 22% of Lib Dem voters - and 23% of Remain voters.

Vote Leave’s Dominic Cummings said after the Brexit vote he believed that Leave would not have won the EU referendum without the NHS claims.

Now fast forward to this election and we see growing ranks of respected political leaders, economic experts and diplomats casting serious doubt over the veracity of the Tories ‘Get Brexit Done’ slogan. Meanwhile the EU has expressed deep concern that it may simply not be possible to secure agreement on a trade deal by Johnson's self-imposed December 2020 deadline.

Our parliamentary candidate, Paul Zukowskyj said: “You could not make this up.

“The run-up to this election has proved one thing beyond doubt: that Boris Johnson cannot be trusted and that our vital public services are not safe in his hands. Brexit will cause years of further economic uncertainty and tear at the very fabric of our society.

“We have a once a lifetime opportunity to heal those divisions and restore decency and integrity to British politics.”



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