"It rains, it floods"

Knella Road Flooding'Yet again, last week's rainfall produced flooding on our roads. Yet again, we are supposed to put up with it' - Malcolm Cowan, Libdem county and borough council wants to know why this chain reaction can't be broken.

'Even when I went round, and made a list of all the flooded locations in Handside and Peartree in an attempt to help, the county council's main highways contractor, Ringway, told me it is 'low priority' - officialese for 'nothing will be done'.

We know that water penetrating the road's surface helps it break up quicker, leading to expensive repairs; surface water is always a hazard to motorists as well as passing pedestrians who can get soaked.

Often the problem is that blocked drain covers do not get cleared - hence all the 'gutter gardens' with plants growing out of the drains.

'We need a far more determined effort to deal with flooding, before it finishes going into people's homes, as happened in the road where I live' he added.

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