Jackie Brennan, Candidate for Hatfield East

Jackie Brennan

Candidate for Hatfield East

The election on May 2nd is your chance to choose a person to represent you on Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council.

I have lived in Old Hatfield since 1986 and have worked in 4 Hertfordshire secondary schools since 1981. As a recently retired teacher I have been involved with young people and their families for 35 years and have a great connection with the local community. During my time in Hatfield I have helped to run a toddler group and helped at a local primary school while my children were young. I then took a Masters degree course in Computing at University of Hertfordshire where my husband now works. Currently I help to run a community centre which provides support for babies and the elderly and everyone in between. I have been a member of the Liberal Democrats for many years and have stood as a candidate previously in Local Elections for both Borough and Town councils. I know our town really well and I would like the opportunity to hold power to account and improve our neighbourhood.  If elected I would like the opportunity to contribute to the services for young people and those who are socially isolated.

We are living in a time of change both nationally and locally. At each level we need sensible and mature discussion to make things move forward in the best way for everybody. I would speak up and work hard for those who live, work or study in Hatfield.

Hatfield deserves better so please vote Liberal Democrat and we will contribute to making the changes we need.



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Jackie Brennan - Winning Here
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