Jaida Caliskan, Candidate for Welham Green and Hatfield South

Jaida Caliskan

Candidate for Welham Green and Hatfield South

It’s been a busy year!

Since becoming your local Councillor last May, I have worked hard to make a difference in Welham Green and Hatfield South.

Some of you will know that I set up a Friendship Group with the aim of creating a local network of friends for the lonely and isolated. I am so pleased that the group has been received well locally and is growing in popularity. Many people have told me how much they enjoy our monthly meetings. Some have said that it is their only source of meaningful social interaction whilst others have told me that they have already made some solid friendships from the group. This is what motivates me to continue to organise and host the meetings. We meet once a month at 11am at the Sibthorpe Arms for a tea and a chat. Occasionally, I arrange for an interesting speaker to give us a presentation.

Our next meetings are on Tuesday the 9th April, 14th May, 11th June 2019 and everyone is welcome.

Since May, my friends Cllrs Helen Quenet, Paul Zukowskyj and I, have knocked on over 2000 of your doors to offer our help. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you in person for the first time. Meeting and listening to residents is the best part of my role.

I also sit on the Council’s Development Management Committee and have also helped many of my constituents with Council issues – ranging from fly tipping and housing maintenance problems in Hatfield South to implementing yellow lines and speed limits in Welham Green. The Council’s Local Plan will prove to be a contentious matter over coming months and years, particularly in our ward, where several sites have been identified for potential development by the Council. This is something that my fellow LibDem ward Councillors and I fully intend to challenge.

Hence, our work continues and there is still much to do! For this reason, I hope I can count on your vote on 2nd May, when I am up for re-election.

Thank you for your support.



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