Jane Quinton, Lib Dem Candidate for Panshanger

Jane Quinton

Candidate for Panshanger

I am delighted to be standing for Panshanger on May 2nd  to ensure its residents get the help they deserve from their local council.  Ayesha Rohale, the first LibDem Councillor elected in Panshanger is already doing a fantastic job for you alongside her County colleague Cllr Barbara Gibson. I want to join them to make that LibDem team even more effective. Issues around parking, bins, benefits, overgrown trees, housing and planning are all examples of things your Borough Councillor can help with.

I have been campaigning actively for many years in Panshanger about the Local Plan and the Airfield site. In 2012, I was incensed that the local council were ignoring local people’s views and treating them with contempt.  So I helped set up the Panshanger People group and the Save Panshanger website to involve local residents as well as aviation enthusiasts. Since then, I have continued to try and get the Council to listen, commenting on the Local Plan at each consultation and speaking on behalf of the community at the public hearings.

Sadly, the Conservative Council has now approved plans for 650 houses to be built on the Airfield and on Hillyfields.  However, I am determined to make sure that the details are fit for purpose, that adequate infrastructure is provided and that existing residents aren’t forgotten going forward. I will also fight for the other things that improve all our lives, such as road safety on Black Fan Road and the ongoing problems with parking in your streets.

Welwyn Garden City has so much going for it and I want to be your voice making sure it remains a great place to live. Please vote for me on May 2nd so I can continue working for you in Panshanger.



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