Jayne Ranshaw, Candidate for Peartree

Jayne Ranshaw

Candidate for Peartree

Hello, my name is Jayne and I am standing for election as a Liberal Democrat Councillor in the Peartree ward on 2nd May 2018. I am fortunate to have lived in Peartree for over 30 years with my husband, and my family also live in Welwyn Garden City. We spend a lot of time enjoying all that our local area has to offer, and know how fortunate we are to live somewhere with many amenities here or at close hand.

As a resident there are many things that I value about living here.  Important to me is the green space which I am passionate about protecting along with the uniqueness of the Garden City. I care about the Local Development Plan and its effect on our community.

I joined the Liberal Democrats because I share their values of tolerance, freedom and rights of the individual.  I have always been impressed by the work done locally by the Liberal Democrats and the results they have managed to achieve and influence.

Whilst out canvassing many people have spoken to me about their concerns. They include, potholes, parking, bin collections, fly tipping, planning, transport, crime, vandalism, noise, litter, anti social behaviour, grass cutting. Your concerns are also my concerns.

If elected, I would work collaboratively with local councillors to progress and resolve these issues. I will listen to your concerns and make sure the Council hears your voice. I care about the issues that are important and all the local problems that impact our neighbourhoods. I will champion the east side of Welwyn Garden City.

I have witnessed over the years how the Liberal Democrat councillors make a real difference to local residents. I look forward to working with our successful Liberal Democrat councillors across Welwyn Hatfield. I look forward to the possible opportunity of working for you all to improve our community. Please support me in the upcoming local elections.

If you have any issues or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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Jayne Ranshaw - Winning Here
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