Letter on 22 Parkway

Dear Sir

Last week's letters on 22 Parkway revealed rather more heat than light.

At the time of writing, I appear to be the only councillor so far to actually object to the application. The issue is not about whether we like Wetherspoons, which I do, but whether that site is a suitable one. That is what all planning is about - is it the right site?

To propose a pub that could hold up to 500 people is questionable. To build on almost all the garden, so any smokers area is right up against an elderly people's block isn't even questionable - it is an insult.

To take away all parking and force customers to park in side roads is inconsiderate. To make it almost impossible for delivery vehicles to get in or out is ridiculous.

The application is one of the worst I have ever seen. Come on Wetherspoons, get a town centre site and a proper application, then we can all support you. At present, the police have demanded the application be turned down and so have highways. Doesn't that tell you enough?

Yours sincerely

Malcolm Cowan

LibDem county and borough councillor

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