Letter regarding bus service cuts false "facts"

Dear Sir

Many readers will have been annoyed at the planned deep cuts to evening and Sunday bus services planned by the Tory-run Herts County Council, which will significantly affect WGC. What is even more disturbing however, is that most of the 'facts' on which these cuts were based, have turned out to be false.

Firstly, Lib Dem questioning revealed that the saving will not be the £700,000 in the papers sent to councillors, but £875,000. Then we found out that the number of passenger journeys per year affected by the proposed cuts, is not the 200,000 trumpeted, but 807,000 - over 4 times as many.

Finally, the breakdown by route showed that the subsidy per journey was not in the range 10p to £9.22, but 8p to £4.19, with an average of just £1.20.

Given that some of these numbers are in the consultation, you would expect that the county council would withdraw the consultation, correct the figures and start again.

Not a bit of it - they plough on, despite it being the holiday season with many bus users away.

There is one way readers can register their opposition to this charade, by signing our online petition at http://signme.org.uk/985.

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Cowan

LibDem county councillor, Handside and Peartree

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