Letter regarding Labour Cllr Colin Croft

Dear Sir

Is it possible for the local Labour party to tie itself in any more knots over moved-to-Yorkshire councillor Colin Croft? Firstly, Labour group leader Kieran Thorpe says still-councillor Croft should resign, but he doesnt, and nothing happens. Now there is a motion of no confidence which a senior Labour councillor admits he has seen, but says 'It doesn't exist'. What's that about?

And look up the council's website to see where you can write to Cllr Croft, and the answer comes up, not his former home in Hatfield, not his new home in Bridlington, but wait-for-it, the local Labour party office. And if you want to phone him, he leaves a Welwyn Hatfield number, not a Yorkshire one.

Not exactly value for money, is it?

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Cowan

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