Letter to warn Welwyn Hatfield of new electoral role concern

The following letter was sent to the Welwyn Hatfield Times to raise the profile of the issue that an edited electoral role can be sold to any organisation.

Dear Sirs

The cost of your Privacy

As readers will be aware from your piece last week the council has been forced by legislation going back to the last government to sell edited copies of the electoral roll. We have now found out that two thirds of our smart voters have opted out of the edited register and so reduced the risk of being buried under mounds of unwanted junk mail.

Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrats are suggesting that everyone opts out and makes sure the edited register is totally useless to any organisation that wants to buy it. That means the 28,000 or so voters who have not yet demanded to be left off need to take up the opportunity when the new register begins to be put together in October.

The new rules coming into force this year require Individual Registration so every voter will have to complete their own form. All you will need to do is mark the form to say you do not want your name on the edited electoral roll. Not only will this give you peace of mind but it should save a few trees into the bargain.

Come on Welwyn Hatfield, lets be the first place to kill off this intrusion into our lives!

Cllr.Tony Skottowe

Lib Dem Group Leader

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