Lib Dem Councillors excluded from probe into Campus West losses

Welwyn Hatfield council have finally started a probe into the losses at Campus West, highlighted by the Liberal Democrats at budget time - but guess what, everyone but the Liberal Democrats are invited.

"One of our councillors asked if there was to be any investigation into the losses, and was told one had been set up, but hey guess what, we are not invited" said group leader Malcolm Cowan. They even had the cheek to call it "all-party' when it is just Tory and Labour."

LibDems spotlighted the continuing £200,000 per year loss at Humphreys café, and a further unallocated loss of around £1m.

"One might imagine they want to avoid further embarrassment by keeping us out. Just not good enough" added Malcolm. "A bit like putting on Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark".

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