Lib Dems sound alarm bells over day care changes

Caring HandsLiberal Democrats have expressed concern about the County Council's plans to cut day services for some groups in the county, on which it has begun consulting.

Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Adult Care Services County Councillor Ron Tindall comments:

"I urge all users and carers to respond to this consultation and demonstrate the overwhelming need for day services to improve, not be cut. We know that Government cuts have forced the County Council to look at where to spend their diminishing resources, but we call upon the Council to fund day care services fully from the millions they are tucking away for a rainy day: Conservative councillors need to wake up - it is already raining."


"Day centres are a key part of a social care service that treat older people with respect and cater to all their needs. They are also vital in easing the strain of family carers who can relax for a few hours while their loved ones are in good hands. It is important to remember that without family carers, additional millions would be needed to replace their valuable unpaid service to relatives, friends and the community.

"There is one other message that needs to be heard. With the NHS is crisis, and urgent attention being given to keeping folk out of hospital, it should be remembered that "isolation" is debilitating and leads to poorer health outcomes. Day centres provide social interaction which helps those without family or personal carers to live with dignity.

"If we want an integrated system of health and care, day centres are an integral part."

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