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This appears to be a set of random and unrelated sites - it looks like an attack of chickenpox upon a map of the district. Very many people will be alarmed as they come within range of being blighted. It is very hard to see any logic in many of the proposals. Particularly worrying are the free-standing development at Simondshyde, the potential loss of yet more industrial employment land in WGC, removal of a lorry park in Welham Green and re-zoning of the land occupied by the fire stations in WGC and Hatfield.

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This has been an opportunity missed as the council has totally failed to offer a coherent plan in which both public and landowners could have confidence. This final ragbag of sites thrown into the mix merely underlines the lack of vision. Had the council had a proper strategy, such as a new settlement, few of these bids would have come in, because everyone would know the growth would be at one planned location. As it is, more time will be eaten up as all of the sites are assessed and consultation takes place.

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