MANORIAL RIGHTS - The response from WHBC

Following the recent letter sent to residents of Handside in WGC Councillor Tony Skottowe, who has been urging the council to offer support to affected residents, commented:

  • "The council clearly cannot give legal advice to individuals and thus the letter is 'cautious';
  • "Although not explicitly mentioned the only Lord of the Manor here has to be Lord Salisbury. Perhaps an explicit mention would have been helpful;
  • "The council has specifically advised leasehold residents that they believe the addressee's property is affected and this is a major step toward removing the uncertainty that has hung over many householders since the news first broke;
  • "It is clear the council is continuing to investigate from the mention of their enquiry to the 'Lord of the Manor', aka Lord Salisbury;
  • "It is also clear that the council has a clear intention to challenge the existence of manorial rights, either via an application to the Land Registry or possibly via a Tribunal;"

"In the circumstances this letter strikes me as a very positive document from the point of view of the residents of Handside affected by the issue. It would seem rather churlish to dismiss it as meaningless as it clearly is not.

"I hope residents will continue with their own campaigning but also support the council for the time being as its involvement appears to offer some real hope for the cancellation of the offending rights. If nothing emerges from the council's efforts then further actions will become necessary but until then let us see what effect the intervention has."

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