Mountains of rubbish – why?

Overflowing recyling bins at Moors Walk and Waitrose

Yet again, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is failing local people. The majority of our recyling bins are full to overflowing, and are surrounded by mountains of uncollected rubbish abandoned by frustrated residents.

When asked to comment, Malcolm Cowan, our group leader on the council, said "All parties signed our Climate Emergency motion recently. An absolute basic is that there are proper recycling facilities, yet every site I visited this weekend had its paper and cardboard bins rammed full, with loads more left on the ground. – Moors Walk, Haldens, Waitrose car park, Church Road, Woodhall.

"The council will rightly say people should not dump their paper and card on the ground, but we have to make it easy to recycle, not hard. Anyone going off for a day and wanting to recycle their waste on the way is not going to want to take it with them when the bins are full.

"And all the sites had black sacks as well – I can only imagine what is in those.

"This is far from the first time the collection system has failed – why has the problem not been sorted? The council needs to step up, and fast."

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