My Councillors

The Liberal Democrats have a strong and proud tradition of serving the community in Welwyn Hatfield. As a party we believe in grassroots politics, and have a genuine commitment to devolved power. We work with our communities to improve things for everyone (no matter what they vote). We pride ourselves on working hard “all year round, not just at election time”.

Your local Lib Dem councillors work hard to stay in regular contact with you. Whether that is by knocking on your door, delivering Focus leaflets and personalised letters, attending community meetings or carrying out individual casework for residents. We communicate regularly with Welwyn Hatfield residents to find out which are the local issues that a large number of people really care about and then we work with them to help them find practical solutions.

Offices Held

All of our councillors have seats on the Boards, Panels and Committees responsible for dealing with specific aspects and management of council business. Full details of each councillor's responsibilities are on the Offices Held page.