New name needed

Alley with no nameThe alley, passage, footpath or call it what you will, from Wigmores North to Parkway in WGC is under the microscope.

Local LibDem county councillor Malcolm Cowan says the path needs some love - and a name. 'It is currently a smokers alley and not much else' he says. I suspect one of the problems is it has no name, so people are reluctant to complain about something hard to describe. I am appealing to WHT readers to suggest a name, in the hope this brings a change in fortune.

I have also nominated it for a new tarmac surface next year from my Highways Locality Budget - it is rather a mess at the moment.

Malcolm announced his plan for a name at last week's meeting of the town's Public Realm group, and they gave it a thumbs up.

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