New rail operator starts with no trains, and no notice

Hundreds of intending rail users on Sunday turned up to find the new rail operator Great Northern were running no trains …… and there had been little notice.

Local councillor Malcolm Cowan was one of those affected. He says "Firstly I was shocked there were no trains, but secondly at the attitude of the rail staff. One of them aggressively told me there had been notices up for 12 weeks and it was on the website. He also said it was in Metro, but how many weekend rail users read that? - a prominent advert in the Welwyn and Hatfield Times would have been far more use."

"In fact, the website for the old operator First Capital Connect just said they had stopped operating. The site for the new company said it was a good service (copy attached) - maybe they meant 'no good service'."

"This is a very disappointing start by Great Northern. They must have known there were risks of poor communication when the lack of a Sunday service (which is set to continue) coincided with a change of operator. Instead of doing the maximum, they appear to have done the minimum."

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