Lib Dems sound alarm bells over day care changes

Caring HandsLiberal Democrats have expressed concern about the County Council's plans to cut day services for some groups in the county, on which it has begun consulting.

Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Adult Care Services County Councillor Ron Tindall comments:

"I urge all users and carers to respond to this consultation and demonstrate the overwhelming need for day services to improve, not be cut. We know that Government cuts have forced the County Council to look at where to spend their diminishing resources, but we call upon the Council to fund day care services fully from the millions they are tucking away for a rainy day: Conservative councillors need to wake up - it is already raining."


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Peartree Fun Day

Our huge efforts paid off! Our annual Peartree Fun Day was, without a doubt, probably the best so far.

At least 800 people came to the Woodhall Community Centre to enjoy a rich variety of games, stalls, entertainment and sports demonstrations.

Former borough councillor Michal Siewniak, the principal organiser, said: "We have planned and delivered one of the best, if not the best, Peartree Fun Days ever. The place was truly buzzing. People had so much to do, inside and outside. Mobile stadium, Irish School of Dancing, Holwell and Our Lady's Primary Schools, raffle prizes, fencing and martial art demonstration meant that the event had so much to offer."

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The life after Brexit - what next for the EU migrants?

So…The British people have voted. It was close however the message is clear - 'we want our country back, we want to control our borders, we will be better off outside the EU'.

I found out about the result on sunny morning in Rome where I was attending an interesting meeting of people who are involved in public and civic life. As you can imagine, I was inundated with questions from people from Italy, Spain, Argentina, Slovenia or even South Korea.

As an EU migrant, someone who doesn't hold the British citizenship, I have been part of the referendum debate for quite some time. I couldn't vote, but I was very keen to get the reasons behind staying across.

But now, let's put aside the economical argument, GDP, trade, jobs, opportunities to live, work and study freely in any of the European countries. That's a whole other story.

What worries me the most are divisions created by the EU referendum. I lived in number of European countries but I don't remember seeing anything like this. Hatred, complete lack of ability to have a proper and mature debate on issues which affect us all: globalization, migration, refugee crisis.

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Yellow or cream - highways staff don't know the difference

Cream linesWhen Wigmores North was resurfaced a few weeks ago, highways contractors laid new yellow lines that should have been a slightly lighter shade known as primrose, because it is a Conservation Area. Called back, they then painted them almost white, and have stated several times since that they can't see the difference between this and yellow.

So because they are not yellow, the borough council has had to stop handing out any tickets for parking offences there because motorists could reasonably say they are not yellow parking lines.

"You don't know whether to laugh or cry" said Liberal Democrat county councillor Malcolm Cowan. "The amount of money wasted and the inability to see how different cream is from yellow, you wonder if they should be let out on the streets alone."

Shamefully incompetent Serco strike again

Bin with grass On Tuesday 14th June, Serco operatives working for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council collected black bins from Chelwood Avenue and surrounding streets as scheduled.

The very same morning, Serco operatives also working for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council cut the grass verges.

So what's the problem? Apparently, the grass cutting operatives are unable to move the bins placed on the grass verges by residents for collection as demanded by council policy, so they simply cut around them, leaving 6" tall patches of grass uncut.

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Is fixing Roads "less important" than topping up reserves?

floodConservative-led County Council decided on Thursday, 13th June, to spend £4.2m left over from 2015/16 on topping up reserves instead of using it to fix our roads and preventing flooding.

Recently areas around Hertfordshire have suffered flash flooding again, causing even more misery of residents.

Lib Dems and Labour representatives on the Resources and Performance Cabinet Panel asked why flooding and poor roads maintenance were not being funded, but the ruling Conservatives decided to put every penny into reserves instead.

Lib Dem County Councillor Paul Zukowskyj commented: "Actions speak louder than words. Not a single penny for flooding or highways repairs, but £4.2m into a fund that allows pet projects to be funded. Conservatives at County Hall have yet again demonstrated that the misery of Hertfordshire residents is much less important to them than having a healthy bank balance."

A Great Night for Welwyn Hatfield Lib Dems

Welwyn Hatfield LibDems are celebrating after the Borough Council elections on 5th May, having gained three new seats and achieved a "clean sweep" in Welham Green and South Hatfield.

LibDem group leader Malcolm Cowan said "these are great results, for us and for the people of Welwyn Hatfield. They are a new high water mark for us as a party - for the first time we have all 3 councillors in one ward, and give us the base to critically examine how the borough is being run from an environmental, planning and financial background. We have got young dynamic councillors coming in with professional skills.

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Lib Dem success in local elections

Ballot boxThe Liberal Democrats have made a net gain of 12 councillors across Hertfordshire in the local elections. The highlight being Watford where the party took back seven seats from Labour and the Conservative.

David Davies, chair of Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats said "I welcome the news that as a party the Liberal Democrats are fighting back and winning for local residents across the County. We were the only party to make net gains in Herts. showing we are winning back voters in our towns and villages."

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Hertfordshire Police Commissioner Election Result

Supplementary vote ballot paperThe result of the Hertfordshire was as follows

1st Choice Vote

  1. Conservative 42% down 4%
  2. Labour 27% down 2%
  3. Liberal Democrats 16% up 2%
  4. UKIP 14% up 3%

Turnout 29%

The Conservative David Lloyd went on to win after second choice votes were counted.

Chris White, the Liberal Democrat Candidate said "I stood in these elections to make a change to police priorities by getting them to focus on making women feel safer in public and at home, and open up the role of the Police Commissioner by making it more democratic. I will continue to lobby for these changes but regret I can't make them myself."

Chris White Plans to Tackle Crimes Against Women

Chris White PCC Banner

Older Women Feel Unsafe Walking Alone

The Office of National Statistics Crime Survey for England and Wales from March 2015 suggests that more than one in five women in the oldest age category (75+) said they felt very unsafe walking alone in the dark.

Younger Women have faced harassment

A YouGov survey of 1,650 British adults reported that as high as 85% of women under 25 had been harassed sexually in public spaces.

Chris White, candidate for Hertfordshire Police Commissioner said "Nearly every woman I have spoken to has been harassed at some point in her life. More police resources should be found to deal with this kind of objectionable crime against half our population. If I am elected commissioner I will prioritise preventing crimes against women."

He added "Crimes against women are often underreported to the Police; I will look at ways to make it easier and safer for women to report such crimes."

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