NHS at winter crisis point

NHS at winter crisis point

Thousands of NHS staff have left the UK since the Brexit referendum in 2016, leaving hospitals and GP surgeries at ‘crisis point’ this winter.

More than 10,000 EU nationals have left the NHS since the Brexit referendum, including almost 5,000 nurses, stoking fears of a winter NHS crisis.

So far this year more than 3,250 EU staff have left the NHS, according to data released under the Freedom of Information Act. The figures are from less than half England’s trusts and cover only 10 months, so the actual figure is likely to be higher. This year alone, 1,116 EU nurses have left.

Compiled by the Liberal Democrats, the data shows 11,600 EU staff have left since the Brexit vote, including 4,783 nurses.

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Liberal Democrats to help young people into rental market in Welwyn Hatfield


Young people under the age of 30 would be helped into the rental market in Welwyn Hatfield under the Liberal Democrats’ ambitious affordable housing programme to ensure that everyone has access to a safe and secure home.

A Liberal Democrat government will tackle the housing crisis by ensuring that 300,000 new homes are built per year, including 100,000 social homes for rent, and help young people into the rental market. It will build new houses to zero-carbon standards and cut fuel bills through a ten-year programme to reduce energy consumption from all the UK’s buildings.

The party will invest in building 100,000 social homes for rent each year through a £10 billion capital infrastructure investment, as well as establishing a Rent to Own model for social housing and providing government-backed tenancy deposit loans for all first-time renters under 30.

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Lib Dem Manifesto ‘to bring real, positive and lasting change to Welwyn Hatfield’

Jo Swinson launches the 2019 Lib Dem manifesto

Liberal Democrat candidate Paul Zukowskyj said the Party’s manifesto, launched today, would ‘bring real, positive and lasting change to Welwyn Hatfield’.

The manifesto sets out a bold vision to create a more tolerant society and fairer economy. The key headlines are:

  • Stop Brexit. Revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU. This underpins plans to increase public spending by using the fully costed ‘Remain Bonus’ of £50 billion to invest in public services and tackle inequality.
  • Tackle Climate Change. Reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2045 at the latest and call for 80% of the UK's electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030.
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Lib Dems will reverse school cuts in Welwyn Hatfield


The Liberal Democrats have announced that they will spend £10 billion a year more on schools and hire 20,000 more teachers by the end of the next Parliament.

Figures from the National Education Union show that next year (2020/21), schools in Welwyn Hatfield will have seen their budgets cut by £63,786,750 in real terms since 2015, once increasing pupil numbers are taken into account.

This is equivalent to a cut of £239 per pupil. Across the constituency, 23% of schools have seen their spending power cut since 2015.

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Tory ‘nurse tax’ will put NHS services in Welwyn Hatfield under more strain, says Lib Dem candidate


Paul Zukowskyj, Liberal Democrat candidate for Welwyn Hatfield, said the Conservatives ‘nurse tax’ would put additional pressure on Welwyn Hatfield’s NHS services already struggling to cope after years of underfunding.

The Conservatives have pledged to make all those permanently relocating to the UK pay an increased surcharge of £625, further increasing the 'nurse tax', making it harder for EU citizens to live and work in the UK.

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Welwyn Hatfield Lib Dem candidate to make ‘climate crisis a deal-breaker in Parliament’

Welwyn Hatfield Lib Dem candidate to make ‘climate crisis a deal-breaker in Parliament’

Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrat candidate Paul Zukowskyj has pledged to make climate crisis a deal-breaker in how he votes in Parliament.

At the national level, Lib Dems have committed to spend £100bn on combating the climate emergency and have set out a clear plan to tackle the climate crisis.

Across a five-year Parliament, Liberal Democrats will spend and invest an extra £100 billion of public finance on climate action and environmental preservation. This includes a new £10 billion renewable power fund to leverage in over £100 billion of extra private climate investment. This will fast-track deployment of clean energy, to make Britain not just the world leader in offshore wind, but also the global number one in tidal power too.

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A&E waiting time figures in Hertfordshire show Tories ‘dismal NHS record’

NHS Surgeons

Only 83.2% of patients arriving at A&E in Hertfordshire and West Essex STP were treated or admitted within four hours in October 2019, according to damning figures published by NHS England.

This is well below the official target of 95% of patients attending A&E being admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours. Nationally, the 95% waiting target hasn’t been met since July 2015. Only 83.6% of patients arriving at A&E across England were treated or admitted in four hours in October, the worst-ever performance since a target was introduced in 2004.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Welwyn Hatfield Paul Zukowskyj said: “It is shameful that patients in Hertfordshire are being abandoned, be it waiting for hours for treatment in A&E or for months in pain for routine operations.”

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Brexit is ‘blocking economic growth in Welwyn Hatfield’

Money down the drain

Britain's economy has grown at the slowest annual rate in almost a decade, according to official figures, from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) published this week.

Year-on-year growth in the three months to end-September slowed to 1% from 1.3% in the second quarter, the ONS said on Monday, slowing growth to its lowest rate in almost a decade.

Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Paul Zukowskyj said that Brexit had already cost taxpayers at least £55 billion in lost growth and that this impact could be felt on the continuing squeeze of local services such as our NHS, roads, schools and public transport.

He said: “These growth figures are not a cause for celebration. Instead they show clearly that Brexit is blocking economic growth in the UK and in our local communities where residents are struggling to go about their daily lives because of chronic under-investment. There’s now tens of thousands of civil servants working on Brexit. Their salaries are costing us dear. Instead of working on better roads, better care, better services, they’re spending all their time on Brexit.”

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Footbridge closing

Councillors Malcolm Cowan, Frank Marsh and Siobhan Elam on the footbridge at Welwyn Garden City railway station

It has recently been announced that the footbridge between Hydeway and the railway station in Welwyn Garden Ciy will be closed for 4 months for upgrading and repainting. While this long-overdue refurbishment is welcomed, Lib Dem councillors have expressed concern over the timing and duration of this closure.

Malcolm Cowan, Liberal Democrat group leader and a Peartree councillor said “The work is desperately needed and overdue, and it is great that there is finally agreement to get the it done, but the length of the closure will come as a massive shock to my constituents who use the bridge to get to and from the station and the town centre.”

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Paul Zukowskyj makes his climate change pledge

Paul Zukowskyj makes his climate change pledge

Paul Zukowskyj, Lib Dem candidate for Welwyn Hatfield has signed up to the Friends of the Earth Climate Change Pledge:

"I’ll make the climate crisis a deal-breaker in how I vote in Parliament. I’ll vote to support measures that help us rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions and build a fairer and greener society."

Effective Action on climate change is a corner stone of Lib Dem policy. Citizens’ assemblies will be convened to decide what action should be taken on the climate crisis the Green Investment Bank will be revived.The Lib Dems have also committed to bring back a department of climate change, give local government new powers to cut emissions and end fracking.

Our aim is to achieve net-zero carbon status in the UK by 2045 – five years sooner than current government plans.

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