Lib Dems to give £770 boost to 17,170 pensioners in Welwyn Hatfield

17,170 pensioners living in Welwyn Hatfield will receive at least an extra £772 per year under Liberal Democrat manifesto plans to protect the 'triple lock' for state pensions.

Thanks to the triple lock guarantee, secured by the Liberal Democrats when they were in government, the basic state pension has risen in each year by whichever is the higher of earnings, prices or a rate of 2.5%. However, the Conservatives have refused to guarantee whether the triple lock will continue, raising fears it could be scrapped.

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Another office to become housing - without planning consent

54 flats are to be created from an office building in the middle of the Peartree industrial area under the government's controversial policy of allowing conversion of offices without consent. Meanwhile the council does nothing to stop it.

LibDem councillor Rachel Basch, who sits on the council's Development Management committee objects.

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Great result for Welwyn Hatfield LibDems

Another fantastic Election Day for Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrats saw them gain a third County seat, come within 50 votes of smashing the Conservative grip on Panshanger Ward in the By-Election, and beat Labour into third place overall, both in number of seats and in the popular vote.


The three happy candidates were Paul Zukowskyj in Hatfield South, who successfully defended the seat he first won in 2009, gaining over 50% of the votes; Nigel Quinton, who gained 48% of the votes taking over as County Councillor for Handside & Peartree from Malcolm Cowan; and Barbara Gibson, standing in her first ever election, who stormed through from third place to win Haldens from the Conservative incumbent by 98 votes with 37% of the votes.

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Local schools face staff cuts

In what is fast becoming a local and indeed national scandal, Headteachers across our area are being driven to write to parents alerting them to the state of school funding.

Nigel Quinton with copies of letters from three local headteachers
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County Council to start probe into floods - of last June

flood.png"Hold the front page. Just 10 months after the floods of 23 June last year, Herts County Council is to start to investigate what happened and what should be done. It would be laughable if it was not so serious for the many people whose homes and property were damaged" said LibDem county councillor Malcolm Cowan.

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Labour fails to select candidate in Welwyn Hatfield with just weeks until election

nigel-quinton-4.pngLabour has failed to select a candidate in Welwyn Hatfield with the general election just weeks away. The news is revealed on Labour's own website, and has been called out by the Liberal Democrats, who say that it shows Labour has "given up", even in some of its former strongholds.

There are over 340 constituencies Labour has still not selected for in England, whereas in contrast the Liberal Democrats have selected 92% of their candidates in England. Labour has not selected a single candidate in any of the eleven Hertfordshire constituencies. They have even resorted as recently as last Friday to advertising via Twitter.

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Lib Dems: This is a chance for voters in Welwyn Hatfield to forge a better future for the country

Voters in Welwyn Hatfield should vote for the Liberal Democrats to change the direction of the country and ensure Britain has a decent alternative to the Conservatives' Hard Brexit, the party's local candidate Nigel Quinton has said today.

The Prime Minister has called a snap General Election to be held on the 8th June, which was approved by Parliament yesterday.

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Lib Dem candidate Nigel Quinton welcomes chance to fight for a better Britain

nigel-quinton-candidate-for-welwyn-hatfield.pngAs previously announced last September, Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrats have local campaigner Nigel Quinton as the Liberal Democrat candidate for a snap general election. Now that Mrs May has announced her intention to hold an election on 8th June, and it looks as if Labour's turkeys will vote for Christmas, Nigel has this to say:

"First we have to call out the supreme cynicism of Mrs May calling this election now, driven entirely by considerations of party advantage. No commentator thinks that any of her stated reasons stand serious examination, and the hypocrisy of the woman who claimed to support Remain last year and is now wanting to fight as the Brexit champion is outrageous.

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Local Plan Forced Through by Tory Majority

Local Conservatives voted en masse to support the submission of their flawed Local Plan to Government inspectors at last week's Council Meeting. All opposition Councillors, Labour and LibDem, opposed the action, citing continued dissatisfaction with the lack of vision, and the lack of proper consultation by the Conservative elite.

Two questions from residents were heard, one from Will Davis of Panshanger People noting the huge number of submissions to the consultations that have been ignored by the Council, and one from Tom Darwall-Smith about the lack of due process in respect of the Symondshyde proposal. Both were treated to dismissive comments by the Executive Member Cllr Mandy Perkins that failed to answer the substantive points raised.

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Lib Dem Councillors excluded from probe into Campus West losses

Welwyn Hatfield council have finally started a probe into the losses at Campus West, highlighted by the Liberal Democrats at budget time - but guess what, everyone but the Liberal Democrats are invited.

"One of our councillors asked if there was to be any investigation into the losses, and was told one had been set up, but hey guess what, we are not invited" said group leader Malcolm Cowan. They even had the cheek to call it "all-party' when it is just Tory and Labour."

LibDems spotlighted the continuing £200,000 per year loss at Humphreys café, and a further unallocated loss of around £1m.

"One might imagine they want to avoid further embarrassment by keeping us out. Just not good enough" added Malcolm. "A bit like putting on Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark".

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