"No we don't want lower costs" says county council

Liberal Democrat county councillors were baffled to learn that the county council is turning its back on potentially lower costs from contractors for some of its work.

Member of a recent scrutiny of loosening the rules for 20 mph zones, were shocked to see how expensive some of the measures to reduce speeds are.

After the scrutiny committee recommended the costs were looked at to try to reduce them, the answer came back - they are fixed in the highways contracts so will not be reviewed.

Malcolm Cowan, LibDem vice-chair of the scrutiny committee said "Everyone was shocked at the prices, which make trying to reduce speeds very expensive. I thought in the new era of squeeze on council spending, this suggestion would be gratefully picked up, yet it was rebuffed. One has to ask why this type of work has to remain so expensive, and thus unlikely to take place. Communities will be left with vehicles travelling through at excessive speeds."

Some example prices

  • Road humps for 400 metres: £102,000
  • Putting in a disabled parking space: £5,500
  • A pedestrian island in the road: £10,000
  • A mini-roundabout: £15,000

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