Nothing to Loos - “Community Toilet” initiative killed off before it can start

The possible Community Toilet proposal outlined in last weeks’ WHTimes was killed off at a meeting of the Conservative-controlled Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee last week.

“It is shame many councillors would not even let council officers investigate possibilities to see if a scheme could work, but the real story is why the council is not taking a far firmer line with cafes who have no loos” said LibDem group leader Malcolm Cowan who had initiated the discussion.

“A number of councillors rightly believed it was the law that a café serving food and drink with seats provided had to have a loo for their customers. A recent test case backed this up. And it is not just a loo but also being able to wash your hands before you handle food that is important,” he added.

“Far from being a burden, a café providing a loo should gain custom as shoppers stop for a drink and bite to eat rather than going home with legs crossed” Malcolm said. “It would particularly be valued by expectant mothers, those with small children and many elderly shoppers. What a shame they are being ignored.”

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