Paul Zukowskyj for Welwyn Hatfield

Paul Zukowskyj - Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate 2019

Paul’s Promise to Welwyn Hatfield

“A vote for me is a vote to help stop Brexit and focus once more on the local and national issues we all care about.

 A vote for me will help bring an end to this chaos and help us to build stronger communities now and in the future.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats on 12 December will enable us to plan for Britain’s future by restoring fairness to our people, the places we live and work and investing in our schools and NHS. 

A vote for me means that together we can help stop Brexit and I will bring your concerns to the heart of Westminster.”


Vote Paul Zukowskyj on 12 December


Why Paul Zukowskyj is standing to be your Liberal Democrat MP for Welwyn Hatfield

Paul has lived in Hatfield since 2002. A father of two, Paul cares deeply about the local area. He has been a County Councillor for Hatfield South since May 2013 and a Borough Councillor for Welham Green and Hatfield South since 2016, working tirelessly to make Welwyn Hatfield a better place to live, work and play.

Paul is Shadow Deputy Leader at Hertfordshire County Council, where the Liberal Democrats are the official opposition to the Conservative-led administration. That means the Liberal Democrats can have real impact locally on the issues that make a difference to your daily lives.

Paul has a strong track record in standing up for the issues that affect Welwyn Hatfield’s future:

  • Paul led the eight-year campaign against the New Barnfield incinerator planned for Hatfield, putting an end to the County Council's plan to burn all the county's rubbish on the doorstep of Hatfield and Welham Green residents;
  • Paul continues to play a major part in the Liberal Democrat campaigns to protect our green spaces from future development and continues to campaign to ensure that all residents, young and old and regardless of income, can live healthier lives with access to local leisure provision;
  • Paul is passionate about getting the very best for our communities for the benefit of all our residents, be it campaigning for better NHS services, more schools or improved transport facilities. Paul sits on a number of committees and panels, including those that oversee environment policy and the development of the local plan for Welwyn Hatfield to ensure that the needs of residents come first;
  • As Shadow Deputy Leader of the County Council, Paul has worked hard to improve the state of our roads and pavements, helping to challenge the years of neglect by Conservative-led Hertfordshire County Council.

Since the Referendum in 2016, Paul has been consistent in standing up for his views that the UK is stronger within the EU and believes passionately in a United Kingdom. Already we have seen the economic and political fall-out from the Referendum, putting both our economy, political decision-making and the hard-won peace of Northern Ireland in jeopardy. These are risks that are unacceptable at any price. Brexit will continue to inflict this damage on our economy, our nation and its people for generations to come. Now is the time to make it stop.

"I would like to thank each and every one of you who has voted for local Liberal Democrat candidates, including myself, over the last few years. Last May we outpolled Labour in the council election, and in the European election, in Welwyn Hatfield, we outpolled both Labour and Conservatives put together.

I am asking for your support once again, and to reach out to those who perhaps for the first time, want to join us, the only party who can help stop Brexit from wreaking any more havoc on our country. Brexit just needs to stop. A vote for me is a vote to make it stop. I hope I can count on your support.”




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