Peartree cooking project

In March 2015, Peartree councillors were able to access the remaining community chest funding to deliver some projects which could benefit the local community. Even though the scheme has not been re-introduced this year, we have managed to run a number of fantastic initiatives which helped us to engage effectively with our residents.

We recognised and still recognise that one of the biggest challenges for us, local providers and agencies, is to address the health inequality. Peartree experiences a number of issues which include: shorter life expectancy, childhood obesity, and a low level of physical activity.

In partnership with the Peartree Primary School, we decided to run the "inter-generational" cooking project. This particular activity enabled local children and their families to learn some basic cooking skills. Each lesson was led by a qualified nutritionist who was able, in a very clear, positive and enthusiastic way, to work with each family and help to boost their "cooking self-esteem and confidence".

Local cllr Michal Siewniak said: "Seeing children and parents bonding by cooking together was great. The project has helped residents to learn more about the balanced diet, but also empowered them to change their 'cooking habits' for example by reducing the amount of salt or adding more healthy ingredients. The other value of the project, which can't be underestimated, was the fact that all participants had a chance to cook other dishes which they have not done before for example pizza or curry. I want to thank the Peartree Primary School for their commitment and eagerness to make this project work! It has made a difference and we hope to continue with similar activities in the near future".

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