QEII Closure - Fact Check

Grant Shapps, Mike Hobday, Nigel Quinton and other campaigners delivering the cross-party "Save QE2" petition to the PCT

Letter to Welwyn Hatfield Times


Dear Sir or Madam,

Last week’s letter, from Labour’s parliamentary candidate (Welwyn Hatfield Times, 3rd July 2019), was full of righteous indignation, but short on facts or serious solutions.

She needs someone who lives in Welwyn Hatfield to tell her what actually went on with the closure of the old QEII. It was the 2001-05 Labour government that originally promised us a new ‘super-hospital’ in Hatfield to replace the QEII, but they reneged on that promise when they lost to Grant Shapps and the Conservatives in 2005. After both Grant and I had kicked off our own campaigns, a cross-party campaign was subsequently formed to fight this decision, which her predecessor, Labour PPC Mike Hobday joined too. Thousands of signatures were collected, a great deal of hard work was put in and detailed evidence was presented, but sadly, the Conservatives at county hall chose not to refer the decision to the Secretary of State. The decision was taken to expand the Lister at Stevenage, and to replace the old QEII with what we have now. This all happened under a Labour government, before 2010.

We all have political history in our parties of which we can be less than proud. I am proud of some of what the Lib Dems achieved in coalition, on tax reform, renewable energy and equality especially, and angry about what we allowed the Conservatives to get away with, but you can’t always get what you want. We will continue to try, and to demand better of ourselves and others.

Nigel Quinton
County Councillor for Handside & Peartree

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